A healthy balanced diet is all too often sacrificed for potential career success. The consequences of this day-in and day-out reliance on convenience and fast foods, which are almost always laden with simple sugars and saturated fats, is generally a steady accumulation of unwanted body fat, sub-optimal health and even an increased risk of developing potentially life threatening diseases such as cancer and adult onset diabetes. For performance driven active individuals these “side effects” should be even more of a concern. Irregular snacking on sugar and calorie laden, nutrient sparse fast foods may result in an instant burst of high energy. However, this is quickly followed by an insulin driven 'crash' that results in poor  performance, lethargy, lack of concentration and a renewed craving for sugary food. This often causes one to grab the nearest, most convenient 'high carb' food available, like chips, chocolates and soft drinks, which unfortunately draws you into a vicious cycle. The emergence of high quality, scientifically formulated snacks, such as Pro-Chino has, for the first time, provided a viable solution to this modern day problem. The new era of advanced snacks, like Pro-Chino contain highly bio-available proteins for ease of digestion, absorption and lean muscle tissue support, complex carbohydrates that provide stabilized blood sugar levels and sustained energy, and a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals for enhanced health, vitality and well-being. The more recent developments in snacks(as MRP) include the addition of essential fatty acids, amino acids, as well as various other “cutting edge” metabolic supporting nutraceuticals, which have been scientifically proven to support your efforts to shed fat and build a better body.

For those athletes who do not want to compromise on their regular daily protein intake while still enjoying the finer things in life such as their favourite cup of premium Cappuccino, can now indulge in a high protein enriched coffee-time snack.

Perfect nutrition is now only a 25g scoop away. These modern day advancements in food technology allow us to have healthy, high protein, high quality nutrition to support our weight management and lean muscle development goals without any excuses. Products such as Pro-Chino are surprisingly delicious and versatile, and are quick and simple to use. To optimize nutritional intake with minimal extra calories all you need to do is mix a sachet with 150ml of hot water, stir and use one to three servings daily. When looking for a quick, convenient high protein snack, this is it.  When it comes to the combination of versatility and quality nutrition, Pro-Chino is hard to beat!